SebSeb m-POS is a virtual point-of-sale (m-POS) platform that empowers merchants with secure and efficient payment processing.
For SebSeb installation, you must have an active account with a partner bank, accessible on the same phone you intend to install SebSeb on.
Once you've installed the SebSeb app, you can register your staff and give them their login details. They can then download the app on their smartphones and begin processing payments and recording cash transactions. You'll receive instant notifications for each transaction they complete.
Certainly, you can upgrade your SebSeb package at any time.
Yes, all transactions occur in real-time, and payments are processed instantly. You'll also receive immediate notifications for every payment made to your account.
Using SebSeb incurs no additional fees; only the standard charges set by your bank will apply.
No, the SebSeb app can only be linked to your chosen business account.
Yes, you can disable your SebSeb account at any time and uninstall the app.
Streamlined transactions, secure payments, easy cash management, staff management, customer database creation, and marketing capabilities.

Merchants with an active business or merchant account at a participating financial institution.
SebSeb offers a free basic plan with limitations. Paid plans offer more features and transaction limits.
Download the app, ensure you have an active merchant account, and follow the in-app setup steps.
Yes, register your staff within the app, and they can use their smartphones for processing transactions.
It ensures deposit mobilization by instant account crediting, streamlines cash handling, and simplifies staff and accounting management.
Yes, SebSeb helps you build a customer base for targeted promotions.
You can download the SebSeb m-POS app by searching for "SebSeb m-POS" on the Google Play Store or App Store (depending on your device).
No, download the app and follow the in-app setup
Register your staff, select the payment type, and follow the standard POS instructions. In-app tutorials are available.
Features depend on your chosen package. The support team will explain advanced features during registration.
The "Advanced" plan offers unlimited digital payments, cash transactions, 6 operators, and access to the billing portal.
The "Professional" plan allows sending money from any account and includes 50 operators.
Currently, SebSeb m-POS is offered by Anbessa Bank in Ethiopia.
For the latest information, visit the Anbessa Bank website or contact them directly at branch.
Yes, SebSeb m-POS utilizes secure protocols to ensure safe and reliable transactions.
SebSeb adheres to industry standards for data security and privacy.
Contact SebSeb support immediately to deactivate the app and prevent unauthorized access. If you have an accessto SebSeb backend deactivate online.
Supported channels vary depending on your  package. SebSeb includes most Mobile Moneyproviders , as well as regular bank accounts, Ethiopian debit cards, Credit cards as well asCash transactions.

Platinium package also includes deposit at branch.
You can only initiate transactions to receive payments.
Payments are deposited instantly into your bank account linked to your merchant account.
Funds typically appear in your account instantly, depending on your bank's processing times.
The SebSeb app will notify you of the failure. You can then retry the transaction or contact your customer for alternative payment methods.
Refund capabilities depend on your specific plan and may require contacting SebSeb support.
The app provides transaction history and reports. You can also export data for further reconciliation with your accounting software.
Transaction fees may apply depending on your chosen plan and the payment method used.
You can register staff directly within the SebSeb app or your Backend, granting them access to process transactions.
Permission levels may vary depending on your plan, but you might be able to restrict certain functionalities for specific staff members.
Transaction history can provide insights into staff activity. Advanced plans may offer additional monitoring features.
Yes, you can deactivate staff accounts within the app to prevent further access.
The app features a comprehensive collection of tutorials available on the official SebSeb m-POS YouTube channel and website.

SebSeb offers support through a hotline.
Support hours are normal working hours including the weekend.
Yes, consult the SebSeb documentation or contact support for clarification.
The app offers basic troubleshooting tips. Additionally, SebSeb's website and support channels have FAQs or troubleshooting guides.
On-site technical support availability depends on your location and plan. Contact SebSeb support to inquire.
While SebSeb m-POS doesn't directly create promotions, it can help build a customer database for targeted marketing efforts through other channels.
SebSeb m-POS itself might not offer loyalty programs, but the transaction data can be used to create or integrate with a separate loyalty program.
SebSeb m-POS is primarily focused on transactions. Inventory management might require integration with separate software.
The app provides basic transaction history and reports. Advanced plans offers more comprehensive reporting tools.
Data export options may be available depending on your plan. Consult the SebSeb documentation or support for details.
SebSeb employs fraud prevention measures like transaction monitoring and user authentication protocols.

Immediately contact SebSeb support to report the suspicious activity and take steps to secure your account.
Data security is a top priority for us at SebSeb. We take steps to protect your customer information and adhere to industry best practices.  For the most up-to-date information on our data security compliance practices, feel free to reach out to our support team.
SebSeb m-POS itself might not offer CRM functionalities, but customer data can be exported for use with CRM software.
Billing statement access depends on your package. The app and billing portal Provides.
Billing statements are always avalable. Contact SebSeb support for details.
Electronic payment options for SebSeb m-POS fees depend on your financial institution and chosen payment method.
Upgrade options are available within the app, billing portal, or by contacting SebSeb support.
Downgrading options are available, but there are limitations and fees. Check with SebSeb support.
SebSeb m-POS can benefit various businesses processing digital and cash payments, such as retail stores, restaurants, delivery, taxis and other service providers.
Consider higher-tier plans for high-volume businesses to ensure sufficient transaction limits and features.
Compatibility with hardware might vary. Consult SebSeb documentation or support for details.
International functionality might be limited. Contact SebSeb support to confirm availability in your destination country.
Currency support depends on your location and financial institution. Inquire with SebSeb for details.
SebSeb does not disclose future plans publicly, but you can check our website or social media for announcements.
Consider contacting SebSeb support to share your suggestions for improvement.
SebSeb does not disclose future plans publicly, but you can check our website or social media for announcements.
Consider contacting SebSeb support to share your suggestions for improvement.
BelCash Group is the IT company behind the App.
Contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses, and social media channels, are available on ths website, see contact.

SebSeb m-POS does not directly provide this information , but transaction data can help identify returning customers.
Direct integration might be limited, but customer data export could facilitate integration with separate marketing tools.
SebSeb m-POS doesn't have built-in marketing functionalities, but the customer data can be used for targeted campaigns through other channels.
Close and restart the app. If the issue persists, contact SebSeb support.
Double-check your login credentials and ensure a stable internet connection. Reset your password if necessary, or contact SebSeb support for further assistance.
Immediately contact SebSeb support to deactivate the app and prevent unauthorized access. Consider changing your SebSeb login credentials as well.
Contact SebSeb support to report the issue and inquire about troubleshooting steps specific to the payment method.
Take note of the error message and contact SebSeb support for assistance. They will be able to identify the cause and suggest solutions.
While in-app tutorials are available, additional training resources are available in the official YouTube channel and Website/App.
The terms and conditions are accessible within the SebSeb app and website.
Age restrictions depend on your location and financial institution's regulations. Consult with your bank for details.
Supported languages are specified within the app description or on the SebSeb website. In Ethiopia Amharic, Oromifa, Tigrynia, Somali and English will soon be available.
Offline functionalities are not available.
Inquire with SebSeb about data backup and recovery practices to ensure your transaction data security.
Customization options are limited. SebSeb offers preset themes and branding options within the app.
Developer tools or SDK availability depends on SebSeb's approach to customization. Contact customer support for details.
Integration capabilities varies. SebSeb documentation and support can clarify compatibility with your specific software.
Data import/export options depend on your plan. Consult SebSeb documentation or support for details.
SebSeb recommends practices like strong passwords, keeping the app updated, and being cautious with suspicious links or requests.